five great tv shows to watch with your man.

The greatest thing Tim and I do together is a watch TV series. It’s our “thing”. We love getting into a show, relaxing together and connecting together with this common interest. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s been ours since the day we got married {seven years ago at the beginning of this month!}, and we have watched lots of shows!
Generally, we have quite different tastes. Tim likes fantasy and action, while I love historical and drama. So often we have to meet in the middle. But, sometimes, we have actually really enjoyed shows that we wouldn’t normally go for on our own. And, in fact, those shows have often become favourites and have created great memories for us and our marriage.
So, without further ado, here are five great series on TV that you can watch with your husband.
{Disclaimer: Everyone’s tastes are different, particularly with morality and viewing. Our standard is high enough so that we don’t feel we are sinning by watching shows that have unbiblical thoughts or scenes but we do watch shows that have violence, sexual references. What we feel comfortable with may not be what you and your husband do, so these shows are based on our tastes.}

1. Angel {5 seasons}

I am not a fantasy lover by nature, but I loved, loved, loved Angel. I never got into Buffy and we have tried several times, but I just can’t like her as a main character. But Angel? It is so good! It’s a spin-off of Buffy where Angel, a vampire with a soul, leaves Buffy and goes to LA where he saves people and tries to do good – basically to do “penance” for all his {hundreds} of years of killing and being evil. There are two things I just loved about this show. First, the characters grow. Like really grow. Cordelia, who in Buffy was this rich, spoiled, ditsy girl turns into this amazing, deep and passionate woman {we thought about the name Cordelia for Rosalie!}. And Wes, who starts off as this weak, goody English guy, turns into my favourite character – brave, smart and even dark at points. And the second thing I love about this show is that it does a good job of highlighting the real struggle Angel has with his dark nature and the good that is in there because of his soul. His struggle is poignant and relevant and touching.

2. Gilmore Girls {7 seasons}

Ah, the one Tim hated to love! Skeptical at first {as any man’s-man would be}, he actually really liked this show, despite how annoying the characters could be at times {how many mistakes could Lorelei make, people?!}. Despite focusing on a mum and daughter’s lives, there are many characters and enough for guys to be happy with. It is witty, intelligent and has really fast dialogue with lots of pop culture lines {Tim appreciated the movie ones}. And you just grow to really love Lorelei and Rory and want good to happen to them. And you groan when they make stupid mistakes and you cry on the very last episode because they feel like family.

3. Castle {currently 6 seasons}

I wasn’t sure about this because it seemed to be another show of the crime-investigation-formula that I was pretty sick of. But, Tim persisted because he loves Nathan Fillion who acted in Firefly, directed by Joss Whedon {the brilliant man who made Angel}. So we watched it and we loved it. In fact, we just finished watching it again – from start to current – for the third time. {We watch series over a lot.} Kate Beckett is a NY detective who is followed around by Rick Castle, a crime novelist. Each episode there is the usual murder, got to solve it, almost do but got the wrong suspect, and finally solve it. But, the chemistry and relationship between the two, and their sidekicks, make it funny and interesting and you just want them to get together. Kate really bugged me at the start because they gave her this short hair to make her seem all masculine and strong, but she has softened in looks over the seasons, and now has really lovely long hair, but is still bad-ass.

4.The Musketeers {currently 2 seasons}

I just bought this for Tim’s birthday, and even though we weren’t sure what it would be like, we have loved it. Seriously loved it. It’s made by BBC, so how can it not be awesome? The episodes are a good length so it makes for a good viewing. They have done brilliantly making it authentic, traditional with amazing scenery and such good costumes etc. The cast play their roles so well and you really like each character and their histories. I didn’t enjoy the recent Musketeers movie {though Tim did} but I love this. It is funny and dramatic, full of swash-buckling action {which your husband will love} with drama and love stories {which you will love}. A great, great show and we’re excited that they’ve just signed for a third season, though the second season has only just started airing in England.

5. Person of Interest {currently 3 seasons}

Your husbands will love the assassin-like action in this and if you like Jim Caviezel, well, you’ll enjoy this. I like the suspenseful watching of this – it’s one of those shows where you just need to watch the next episode. Based around the idea that a machine, invented post September 11th, can see in the population who is likely to be a terrorist threat or who is on danger, the characters of this show rescue those the machine thinks are irrelevant {those whose lives are merely in danger}. Not everyone’s cup of tea in terms of violence and darker themes, it is still a great watch for drama and connecting with your husband’s {sometimes not understandable} alpha-male-ness {is that a word?}
So these are our top five! We have watched so many shows but these are the ones I think we have both enjoyed the most as a couple and which have brought us the most memories. A lot of the “sayings” we have that are jokes between us are from these shows, and I just love how no-one understands what we’re talking about but us. 
And just a quick list of other good shows which we watch {and almost made the list}:
Brooklyn 99
Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Downton Abbey {though we stopped watching after series 3}

Do you and your husband have a show you absolutely love? Is there one your dying to get him to watch {mines Broadchurch!}? Is there one you hated but he loved?

3 thoughts on “five great tv shows to watch with your man.

  1. Sarah…You have an interesting list. We've not seen any of the shows you mentioned, however, we might check out The Musketeers since we like BBC sometimes. We tend to watch cooking shows, HGTV and movies more than shows. Thank you for sharing your list at Monday's Musings.

  2. I have to say, I'm not a big TV person {my husband is}. What usually happens is he starts a series, I start to like, and then he's not into it {I will keep watching a series if I think it's gone down the crapper, but he won't}.

    We do like Arrow, the first season of Agents of Shield, Chuck, Castle, and Vikings {him more than me}. The only time I watch TV is folding laundry, and then it's Downton, Drop Dead Diva, Once Upon a Time or Call the Midwives.

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