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Why My Blog May Not Interest You.

October 18, 2015

You may have noticed words have been quiet around here. I haven’t deliberately taken any time off, nor have I accidently had a “blogging break”. It’s been quiet around here because I’ve jut been doing other things. And that’s where I will save you some trouble reading through this post to find out why this blog of mine has been stagnant/quiet/uninteresting/unviral {not that my blog has, or will likely ever, go viral}…

If you want popular…


active on social media…

running giveaways…

offering free stuff…

…if you’re wanting a blog like that, as much as I want your company, that is not what you will find here. This blog is as old-fashioned as my own heart. And my blog may not interest you because, quite simply, I do life more than I do blogging.


While I haven’t been blogging and working on my site, I have been:

  • Working on my home management skills and effort
  • Keeping up-to-date with work that requires all of my attention
  • Being worked on by God {ouch, truly} in my heart and for our marriage
  • Getting Christmas presents organised
  • Walking the kids and dog
  • So much spring gardening {weeds!!}
  • Helping Josiah settle into his two mornings a week at kindy
  • Having girl-time with Rosalie for the first time since she was born
  • Meeting friends and their children
  • Being encouraged and mentored by older women
  • Building relationships in our street
  • Working on more intentional reading time with the kids
  • Working on more quiet time with the Lord
  • Journalling more
  • Reading more

All in all, I have been too busy with this life in reality than the life of this blog. In some ways, I feel sorry for that; but at the same time, I am accountable to what has been entrusted to me in my day-to-day. Even though I have believed it for so long, my heart is growing in ever-deeper conviction that my family and our home is my ministry, my primary ministry. As enticing as it is to have recognition outside of family life, for words, for writing that I love, if I am pursuing that more than stewarding what God has actually physically given me, then something in me isn’t right – in my beliefs, my heart condition, in my understanding of what God’s revealed word is to us in his Bible.

Sometimes I have been afraid to word my beliefs clearly in fear of offending people who may not agree with me, but I don’t think I have been faithful to God’s work in my life in doing so. The testimony of my life is of God taking what was broken in me – broken heart, broken mind, broken family, broken body – and building it into something that has redemption written all over it. A big part of that redemption has been seeing how God’s original purpose for men and women – for their differing and complementary biological and relational purposes – is still true now as it was to the moment it all fell apart under the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

And I want to no longer be afraid of spreading that message.

Elisabeth Elliot died having lived a life dedicated to the glory of God. She was a sinner, but a sinner redeemed with the purpose of reigniting the heart in women for God’s true purpose for them: relationships and nurture, whatever marital status they are in. And as a woman who is married with young children, my priority before God is to give up my life for them.

I have but one opportunity to please God in this way.

I have but one opportunity to love well in this marriage to this man.

I have but one opportunity to give up of myself to my two children.

This may not please you, but this is the message my blog will tell. And when I write, I will write when I have the time. When I feel that I have spent time with the Lord, when I have provided to the needs of my family. That may give me a few times a week, or like recently, once in a month. But if you continue to follow my blog and keep friendship with me, I promise to encourage you with the convictions laid deeply on my heart and so, hopefully and prayerfully, you may be able to love your family well, too.

There are some great and talented women who are able, because of their life circumstances and personal abilities {that I so lack} that enable them to love their families well and blog regularly. These women offer encouragement and exhortation in biblical womanhood and I thoroughly recommend you read them if you need more frequent words of encouragement:

Courtney at

Stacey at and

Sally Clarkson at

Rachel at

Kelly at

and Rebekah at

I’ll leave you {til next time!} with some pictures of what we have been doing lately from my Instagram page {which I update more regularly}:

  1. Oh Sarah, I totally get you. You are doing an amazing job living life and putting your family first. Blogging is an awesome outlet and ministry but not the end all be all. I admire and respect that you are doing what YOU feel God wants you to do.

    Love your pics. I am familiar with those kinds of messes;) You have the most beautiful handwriting!
    Thanks for your reccomendation of my blog it means a lot:)

    1. Rebekah, YOU do an amazing job! I have the highest respect for mothers with many children – a job that is harder than most. I pray your blogging continues to be in the right place and that it gives you great joy as you make God your priority in it. Bless you, sweet friend x

  2. I love this! I have been feeling the same conviction, so my blog has been lacking in content lately as well. This is a battle I’ve been having, and I’m trying. Part of the trouble is that I do earn money through my blog which contributes to our family finances. But, I don’t want that to become a priority over my family ever! It’s a struggle. I felt deeply convicted by your post because I feel like I need to devote even more time to my family. God is reminding me more and more that what I do for His kingdom matters WAY more than what I do online.

  3. Thank you for this honesty! I appreciate your perspective…as a mom blogger, I, too struggle with how much to give to blogging and what I’m actually trying to accomplish with it in the first place. Your words bring to mind a quote I just read the other day: “I’d rather die whispering Your name than live an empty life shouting my own.” Sometimes, blogging feels like nothing more than shouting my own name. Stopping by from Mommy Moments.

    1. I love that quote! Blogging – especially purposeful, big blogging – can easily become all about us, even without us realising it and doing it with the best of intentions. I think we do what we can, keeping first things first, trusting that God will grow the blog if he so wishes. And it’s always a way he teaches us about self-control, selflessness, purity of heart etc. Thank you for your encouragement to me!

  4. This is beautiful, I especially understand the small house, demanding gardens and not so wonderful neighbourhood, though we decided to move when the neighbours tried to light our house on fire after trying to break in for months.

    1. Um, I would too!!! Goodness!! Thankfully that has never happened to us as we feel like robbers don’t want to rob in their own backyard, so-to-speak! Though, around the corner {about two streets away}, there was a double-murder home. Thankfully that was taken down a number of years ago and is now a garden reserve.

  5. You are living a very blessed time of life, with children at home, so of course you need to have them as your first priority, as well as your husband. It’s wonderful that you want to share insights that you glean during this very busy life stage. I am retired with nearby grandchildren, so I have interactions with them that need some grace and resilience from time to time, and some encouragement.

  6. ” I am accountable to what has been entrusted to me in my day-to-day”

    Amen! I really appreciate your open and honest post, and I think the things you listed are so much more important (and real), than blogging. It is so important to have our priorities straight, and since our son recently turned 14, I have been thinking more and more how our time with our children at home is limited, and we must make the most of it, and of our marriages 🙂

    Thank you for sharing the photos of your home- the polystyrene one reminds me of the time my oldest two spread nappy cream all over the mirrored wardrobe doors in our old house!

    Blessings, x.

  7. I love how you have articulated this. I feel the same way. My blog is a ministry and a way I get some much-needed “me time” as a busy wife and mom. It is not my primary focus, so I limit how much time I spend on it. This means I’ll likely never be super well know or popular…but that’s not what I seek, so it’s okay! I seek to be faithful in the things the Lord has called me to. Being a wife and mom top that list, so they come first.

  8. I have never been on your blog, Sarah, but I realize I have been missing out. Thanks for laying it out there and reminding me that, yes, my duties are not to my blog as much as I like it. I only get one chance at this motherhood thing. I would have so much shame if at judgment the Lord showed me a life in front of a computer screen instead of what could have been with my children. I’ll be subscribing to your blog so when you do have time to write, I can be enlightened. Coming to you from Women With Intention.

    1. I think when we think of facing God on Judgement Day, it is much easier to get the right perspective on things as it causes us to ask of ourselves: “Am I living each moment of the day in a way that pleases him?” None of us can answer with the perfect answer, but we can TRY. Bless you!

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