A FREE Devotional Tool For You.

My unskilled hands have been a little busy, making something special for you and myself.


You see, I am a busy mother of two toddlers who really wants to get into God’s word to feel refreshed and draw from that discipline of grace. My children are up early, my son doesn’t nap – I don’t get much time to spend time in His word. My prayers are arrow prayers most of the time.

Does God mind? Not at all. He sees Jesus’ righteousness in me. But I mind. I need him, desperately…And I am sure you are like me, too.


I try and go to bed early and have some devotional time several nights a week – around eight, or a little later, depending on what Tim and I have been watching. I grab my Bible, a book, journal etc. and I have as much time as I can with the Lord before I get too sleepy ;). During the days, when Rosalie has her nap, I try and read my Bible so that Josiah sees his mummy in the Word. But, like moth to a flame, so is a child to his mother when he sees she’s trying to do something just for her! So often my reading is skimming, interrupted and broken.

But God is good. Somehow, his precious Spirit still fills me up, and I keep going.


Getting into His word deeper is a goal of mine and I have been looking everywhere for a free tool to help me. There were a few out there, but none that suited me and my personality. So I set to work to make one I can use in my evening quiet times, getting into God’s word in a deeper way. And, so that I can see what I have been studying, what I have been praying and learning. I’m going to make a devotional binder especially for these study times to keep my pages in, for reflection and keepsakes.

And I thought you might like this tool, as well.

There are four sections:

  • The Facts – a place to jot down context, things we know for sure about the text etc.
  • Scripture – copy out a verse or a bigger chunk.
  • Application – what is this verse saying and what it means to me.
  • Prayer – a place to pray the scripture out into words before the Father.



I have made two copies: one unlined, the second lined. I prefer lines on mine but, because of my unskilled talent, the lines were a bit squiffy :S So for those who would prefer *near* perfect copies, try the unlined one.

quiettimejournallined quiettimejournal


Keep it in a binder, print off as many as you need, and enjoy that deepening relationship with your Father.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. ~ Psalm 34:8

Please share with reference, and please do not sell.

Let me know if you print one off and use it. I would love to know if and how it blesses your quiet and special moments with the Lord.

5 thoughts on “A FREE Devotional Tool For You.

  1. This is so inspiring! I am preparing to work on another website (on wordpress) to promote young love & marriage for God’s glory. My husband and I are brainstorming up some ideas. Please keep us in prayer, and I adore your quiet time! I have my journal for quiet time, as well.

  2. This is a lovely resource Sarah, and doesn’t look squiffy to me (maybe my eyes are!). Thank you for sharing it, and for the encouragement for quiet times. Now that my children are a wee bit older, I have been managing to get up *before* them to have my Bible time, which I always thought was an impossibility! Blessings, Gwen, x.

  3. Great idea Sarah! What a beautiful tool <3. Can't wait to use it. Have you considered giving Josiah a "quiet time" while Rosalie naps? Saoirse hasn't napped in ages, but everyday after lunch when the younger two nap, she has quiet time. I tuck her in her bed with picture books and quiet toys, and play music or audiobooks for her. It can take awhile to train them not to get out of their rooms or be loud, but has been a serious sanity saver for me!!!

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