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When You’re Stuck in a Homemaking Rut.

March 6, 2016
I think just like any other job out there, all homemakers can get into a rut at different times. In fact, because we are our own boss/manager/self-evaluator/trainer/teacher, and therefore spend much of our time working alone, it can be easier to get slack, behind and unmotivated than other vocations.
For me, in most areas of my life, I tend to be an “all or nothing” type of gal. I struggle with balance. Tim and I get this about me and, though it can get me into trouble sometimes, both of us extend myself grace and help me get on track with the things I get unbalanced about. 
As all of us wives and mothers know, we are busy people with many things demanding our time and resources and focus. Lots of women can multi-task really well and balanced everything in the right priority. But me? *Snort* I really struggle to multi-task the big things in life.
Oftentimes, this can be the keeping of our home.

Like I said in my last post, there are so many other more successful homemakers out there who can teach us how to do things and keep our homes well. I am not one of those women! But, because I struggle, I can get along side of you and encourage you with what helps me, a semi-skilled housewife.

Here is what helps me:

Get Your Heart & Head in the Right Space.

As Christian women,we need to continually soak our minds and hearts in God’s truth to help us live lives worthy of our calling {Ephesians 4:1}. Know the Scriptures that specifically pertain to our roles as wives and mothers, have a firm grasp of Christ’s love and grace through the Cross, and work hard at putting those truths into practice {James 2:17}. Read good books to encourage your vision, help you learn new ways to care for your home, or simply read about another person’s growth.
Whether you journal these verses in places you can regularly see or memorise them or pray through them regularly, we need to continually put these truths in the foremost of our thoughts each day. It is so easy to follow our weaknesses, or wander astray from our purpose by things from outside our families. I journal and I write verses and quotes in my bullet journal planner
Believing and fleshing out God’s truth for homemaker’s gives us joy and hope as we learn to love all the things that must be done {<<< Great blog post, read it!}.

Do the Next Thing.

I first came across this source of wisdom through Elisabeth Elliot who shared this beautiful poem {see second page of newsletter, on the right}.  The Lord brought this to me at the time in my life where I could not even get off my floor without great grief. All I wanted to do was sit, cry, wallow and beat my chest to the Lord. I cannot, for the life of me, remember how this poem came across my path, but it helped me immensely. It helped me teach myself, when I could do nothing, to do the next thing.


And it works beautifully in the slow-paced, rotational flows of a homemaker’s life. When there are a million different things to do, do the next thing. Whether you do the next thing on your long list, or do the next thing that catches your eye. Just do it. And, as you keep on doing the next thing, you will work your way out of your rut.

Keep Going…And Going.

I find that when I can’t be bothered, or when I really would just rather sit down and do something lazy, or when I find myself getting sucked into busyness outside our home, if I determine to do the next thing, and then the next, my motivation and heart for homemaking come flooding back in.
There is great satisfaction in homemaking. Despite what the world tells us, there is great success and accomplishment in taming this domain of ours. Once we get back into the swing of things, our joy and hope for this work settles in our hearts again. We see the purpose and the plan in caring for our families in this way. We see God’s hand in the small things of our daily lives, and we know he is pleased with our work to serve him.
On days, weeks, or months, when it’s hard to make our homes – just keep going. The joy will come back.

What do you find helps you when you find it hard to care for your home?

  1. This is so great Sarah! I love caring for my home and family but I definitely go through times when I am just tired of cleaning up mess after mess and I don't want to lift a finger ever again! I love that quote, I've never heard it before. So true. Yes, we must do the next thing, it really does help us to keep going. I find that picking up the broom and starting to sweep helps me to start somewhere and make my way from there.

  2. Ah, sweeping is so satisfying. I find that with vacuuming as well. Those two chores have tangible evidence I have just done something {and I love hearing the suck of things go up into the cleaner!}.

  3. Those funks/ruts are challenging to get out of. I find that taking a day off helps me. If I take a break from the monotony and just have a fun or relaxing day with no cleaning or cooking, then I can muster up the strength to get back into the swing of things the next day.

  4. “There is great satisfaction in homemaking.” There really is! I love how you mentioned joy in this paragraph also! Many people don't understand what a joy it can be to a homemaker. Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂

  5. Good morning! Just a little note to let you know that this article has been FEATURED today on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! Thank you for joining us and have a wonderful week!

  6. I love this! Elliot's “do the next thing” has been one of my guiding goals for over a year now, and it helps me every day. As wives and moms there is so much to do that matter so much. I get overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all. “Just do the next right thing” helps me focus on what is immediately in my path instead of getting distracted by what might show up 100 miles down the road! Thank you for sharing your heart…stopping by from The Art of Home Making Mondays!

  7. Do you know, I have heard of the timer trick, but haven't used it yet. I really need to! You're so right, even ten minutes of cleaning makes all the difference. Thank you for your wise insight!

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