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The Importance of Having a Vision for Motherhood.

August 18, 2016
This is Part One in a Three-Part Series on Visionary Motherhood.
“Where there is no vision the people will perish.” Proverbs 29:18
This verse can often be taken out of context. The writer in Proverbs isn’t exhorting the Israelites to  have their day-planners out and create a business plan, or a ten-year vision for their lives, or a bucket list to tick off before they die. He is describing what happens when a person has no spiritual contact with their Creator God and the revelation that comes to their spirits when they anchor themselves with His Word. 
One commentary describes, “We may then a little amplify the proverb for the sake of exposition: ‘When there is no living revelation, no perceived contact between man and God, there the bonds which hold society together are relaxed and broken; but he that holds by the revelation that has been given, obeying the law, so far as it has been presented to him, happy is he.'”
Dear mother, are you in contact with your Father God? Have you received a living revelation from God for this great task He has given you to accomplish for Him? Simply,
Do you have a vision for motherhood?
God has been really good to me in that, through the pain of my parents separating and having a mother with a divided heart, God has redeemed those years of mourning into dancing. Within the broken heart of a teeanger, God gave me a vision for both marriage and motherhood. I committed to Him and myself that I would:
  • do both – no matter what happened – to my very best to His glory;
  • that I would be whole-hearted, undivided in both;
  • that I would offer my life for those He gave to me;
  • that my husband would know I loved and respected him;
  • that my children knew they were worth more to me than any personal ambition.
When I got married and then when I had children, I poured myself into His Word to equip myself with His wisdom and His heart for the family. I read books and books on what I learned was called “biblical womanhood”. I listened to sermons and asked questions and wrote and prayed and longed.
I didn’t want what the world offered: I had seen how it decieved my own family and how it never gives what it promises. I wanted God to create in our new family a new generation that would seek His ways above all else and would proclaim the Gospel in whatever place He put us in.
This is my vision for our family. But, oh, working towards it – and living it, in the day-to-day, is hard. Just incredibly hard.
Poo-explosions, squabbles, character training, washing clothes, making dinners, long work days, church commitments, study, tiredness, sleep deprivation, tight budgets, large properties to manage, unexpected bills, hormones, bad days – – –
You get it. Life is busy and complicated and mundane. Feelings go on merry-go-rounds and it’s super easy to hop on for a ride. When we’re up to our eyeballs in family living, it can be easy to lose sight of the end. We’re floating on our life-vest of Jesus, but those waves sometimes block our view. It would be easy to slip off and sink under. Switch on the lazy parenting button, or allow our hearts and minds to be distracted and divided.
It’s a battle. The daily chaos of what we see is really a veil to what we cannot see: the fight over the spiritual health of our family. Us evangelicals get a bit squirmy when talk leads into spiritual wars between Satan and his evil cronies. It sounds a bit, well, charismatic. But it’s the truth. As my minister said on Sunday {August 14th} we’re either under evil or we’re under grace.
When we don’t have a vision for this motherhood thing {and marriage}, and work towards it, our family’s will perish. And not only our family, but eventually, our world. And that is totally what see today, isn’t it? A world crumbling as families topple down, like dominoes.

“Biblical womanhood is at risk. That is bad enough, but if the secularists succeed in taking out Biblical womanhood, the family will go with it. The family as God designed it is dangerously rare today… When we rescue women, we rescue families. When we rescue families, we rescue culture.” ~ Susan Hunt, By Design

But, visionary-mothers, we can – by God’s mercy – turn the change of the tide. We can direct it back to the way God intended families to be: whole, strong, Jesus-loving, grace-giving, committed, caring, faithful.
I would encourage you to really seek the Lord for His vision for your family. In prayer and in the Word, ask His Spirit to guide you. Ask for Scripture that is His personal revelation for you as the mother of your children and as the wife of your husband. Read good books that point to biblical womanhood and equip yourself for this very real spiritual battle going on.
On days when it is just simply hard, we can grasp hold of those Scriptures to maintain the vision we have to do this thing well. We can stand firm and not be swayed or fall into temptation. And if we do? There is great, great mercy and grace and always second chances with our good God.

What is your vision for motherhood?

  1. I so agree: God's model for marriage and parenting is rare these days. Yet we need to cling to God's Word and God's ways, despite what we see around us. Our children need godly parents and biblical values. The world needs to see us living life God's way.

  2. Wonderful post Sarah. I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts. While I have frequently prayed for the Spirit's guidance and the bible is my handbook, I was struck anew by you statement that we should “Ask for Scripture that is His personal revelation for you as the mother of your children and as the wife of your husband.” Have a blessed day!

  3. Love this post! You are absolutely correct that we need to have a vision for our motherhood and, just an important, that it needs to be downloaded to us and carried out by the grace of God! I pray more women would have a fresh vision for godly mothering! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Thank you Margaret! I have found having specific scriptures that I believe God has pressed upon my heart vital on days {and weeks!} when I'm really struggling to stay afloat. They keep me set upon Him and what I believe He wants me to live out with our children.

  5. I really love this. It resonates with me on many levels. Any time we lack vision, we'll find ourselves unstable and ungrounded, flitting along with whatever wind happens to blow. In these times, we need godly vision more than ever! Thank you for sharing with us at Grace & Truth.

  6. This was really encouraging Sarah, and thank you for using your own experiences and growth to help other people. I also think it is good to be reminded of the importance of having a biblical vision for motherhood from time to time, as we (I!) so easily fall back into old patterns. Bless you 🙂

  7. Such wisdom! Amen! We get so distracted with the chores of the day that we forget to keep the main thing the main thing – glorifying God through our God-given calling – motherhood and wife-hood! 😉

    Such an uplifting post. Thanks for sharing once again over at Tuesday Talk! I pinned it to my motherhood board!

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