My name is Sarah and I love to write.

So I made a blog.

As you do.

who am i?

Curls. My daughter. Love.

I’m married to Tim. He’s an amazing builder, can do anything I need him to do, loves me the way God knew I needed to be loved, and covers me with a grace I’ve never met in anyone before. We’ve been married since 2008, after only knowing each other nine months. It was awesome.

After going through job loss, earthquakes, miscarriages and other hard stuff, God blessed us with Josiah. He’s 3, boyish, always moving, sweet, cuddly, rumbunctious, and just a cool little dude. He’s a big reason why we’re thinking of homeschooling.

Our other blonde little beauty is Rosalie. She was born 16-months after her big brother and she is strong, intelligent, absolutely sure of what she wants, and the sweetest, most tenderest of little girls. I am so blessed to have a daughter.

We live in Christchurch, New Zealand. We love Jesus Christ and believe in the Bible as the authority of our lives. We imperfectly submit ourselves to it and are covered by God’s mercy every morning. We believe in being present in the neighborhood God has placed us in. And I have a desire for our home to be a refuge for those who need it.

why do i blog?


Pretty simply, I need to write. I get so excited and so humbled by the things God teaches me and grows me in that I just want to share them with others. The story God has written for me has made me passionate to encourage women to embrace their roles as wife and mother. We need a revolution of the family in our western world today, and I believe so strongly, that it begins with women embracing God’s design for women,¬†women being faithful servants of their families, allowing God’s mercy and truth to spread out from homes around the world.

Because I am from a broken home and grew up with the effects of feminism, creating a strong marriage and a homely environment is a strong value of mine. The home is crucial to a child’s life and their future.

I am not perfect


Ha! I am completely not. I am a sinner, saved by grace, rescued from a pit. I believe that if God had not saved me in my late teens, I would be very sick and very broken and, probably, very dead. The hole in my heart was so big and the pull of the sinful life I was living was so strong that only God could get me out. It is easier to live a sinful life than to live for the righteousness of Christ.

These days, as a wife and mother, I share my thoughts here online. It can be easy to think I have it altogether. But I really, really don’t. I struggle with impatience, and selfishness, and temptations, and my body is broken {did you know I’ve been on happy pills over three years?}.

If you’re ever tempted to think my Instagram pictures show a life of no tears, no squabbles, no massive mother-fails, stop it. Those pictures are capturing the joy I have in the gifts God has given me and are often an attempt for me to see the joy even when I don’t feel it.

Please follow me and join in on the conversations we have. You’re why I write.

If you need to get in touch, please fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you.

In grace,

Sarah x