Homeschool Preschool

This year I am actively doing light preschool-at-home with the two kidlets. My basic plan is this:

  • Learn to recognise the alphabet letters through crafts and activities
  • Recognise numbers 1-10 for my almost-three-year-old {she can count}
  • Recognise numbers 10-20 for my four-year-old, encourage counting
  • Grasp basic shapes and colours {especially for 3yo}
  • Lots of read alouds, aim for five a day
  • Move into longer stories that require more than one sitting
  • Lots of walks and nature exploration
  • Bible stories everyday

I’m taking things very lightly, both for myself and because I don’t believe in rigorous education so young. But, at the same time, with official school starting next year, I want us to ease into a schooling routine so that when the eldest turns 5 we are already on our way to being comfortable learning at home together.

I have loved reading other mummies who are doing preschool at home so I thought I would try and put weekly updates for anyone interested or needing encouragement or inspiration for what to do with each letter. This will be the landing page from my menu bar.

Remember, we are not professional and are taking things pretty simple! 🙂

Letter B

Letter C