Welcome, friend.

Thank you so much for subscribing to The Life of This Mother. You have blessed me so much. This is just a hobby for me and is a way to keep me sane among all the Little People, the washing to do, the garden to maintain, and all the homemaking wonders of family life. Now we’re friends 🙂

Just to say thank you for blessing me, I want to bless you, too. They’re nothing fancy, but just something I wanted to give you to help you as you seek to be a whole-hearted and undivded mother.

The first, a Household Checklist, to help you stay on top of all crazy:

Household Checklist

The second, a quote from Elisabeth Elliot, that beautiful woman who God has used to change my life:

Elisabeth Elliot Quote

I pray both bless you immensely and lead you closer to Him who died for you and who loves you so much.

Looking forward to getting to know you,

In Christ always,

Sarah x